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When wanting to resolve disputes with your ex-partner you may unfortunately find that you are at deadlock and no further negotiation can be agreed. Just Divorce Family Mediation Services Macclesfield shares mediation information .


When resolving disputes when there is a family breakdown with your ex partner and child arrangements are needed, you may unfortunately, find that you are at a deadlock, unable to reach an agreement and no further negotiation can be agreed. This is where an accredited family mediator as an impartial third party can help.

In such a situation, many couples looking for mediation information process find that the mediation process is a cost effective resolution and an excellent starting point for reaching a mutually beneficial decision in a neutral environment for future arrangements.
Mediation sessions when children are involved can be arranged quickly and it is much more cost-effective than proceeding to expensive legal proceedings. We are proud to offer a smooth simple mediation process for family breakdowns and can offer advice on legal aid services and mediation costs. It is important to remember that family mediation is conducted on a without prejudice and therefore most people do not have anything to lose by giving it a go.
It should not be considered as a sign of weakness but as an opportunity for reaching a decision .A Family mediation session is a cost effective, proven technique to help quickly resolve conflicts.


Nobody can advise you at the outset how many joint mediation meetings with your former partner will be required as this specific to each case. However, in the first assessment meeting, the number and depth of the issues will become clear and any necessary further family mediation can be discussed during the meeting. with both you and your former partner.

Funding such as the government voucher scheme and legal aid mediation services can also be discussed at the initial meeting. After introductions, generally, the family mediator will allow each party to tell their side of the story uninterrupted.

The family mediators will then enter into an assessment meeting discussions during the joint divorce mediation sessions ,they will ask open-ended questions and will try to find goals on the objectives which both parties strive to achieve on issues such as financial matters, living arrangements, child arrangements or child custody. The qualified mediator will try to ascertain the problems between the parties and will look to agreeing on a sensible way forward with the family mediation process,


Whilst family mediation is a sensible opportunity, it is an entirely voluntary process. You cannot force family members to a dispute to attend mediation and they can choose to take whatever action they desire.
Your UK family qualified mediators will offer impartial advice to both parties and will in no way be one-sided when resolving family disputes. The family mediators will then enter into a discussion asking open-ended questions and will try to find goals which both parties strive to achieve. We offer a fully confidential trained, professional divorce mediation service, our qualified family mediators are able to quickly resolve issues and reach an agreement without the need for family court proceedings, in addition we are able to offer legal aid mediation sessions.

The qualified mediator is a neutral third party and will try to ascertain the problems between the parties during the assessment meeting and will look to agreeing on a sensible way forward. It is important to remember that it is not a mediator’s job to take sides or judge the parties. The family mediator's aim is to find a solution to any problems that you may need to look to resolve, for example divorcing couples, financial issues and child inclusive mediation.

Why Just Divorce Family Mediation Service Macclesfield?

RESOLVE FAMILY DISPUTE- Just Divorce Family Mediation Service Macclesfield provides a secure and confidential environment where you and your ex partner where all parties involved can address family disputes calmly and in an honest discussion without causing further contention or distress giving you more control over your situation during the divorce process.

SAVE MONEY – A Mediation session can be a cost effective method and a great resolution to family matters.. Save time with online mediation, reduce stress, and cut costs by scheduling your mediation at a time that suits you to explore how we can assist you when dealing with mediation and family financial arrangements. We offer Legal Aid UK family mediation to assist with the family mediation cost and accept the family mediation voucher scheme.

AVOID COURT – Worried about your children? Choosing mediation meetings with accredited mediators allows for you make your own informed decisions without going to  court and allows you to be able to avoid court proceedings, resolved family law issues and save children the upset when dealing with child arrangements. Joint mediation sessions can take place via Skype meaning you do not have to be in the same toom as the other party. Speak to our team to learn more.

For further information speak to our team today to find out about our fully confidential service. We offer family mediation during a difficult time to help find the best way to resolve conflict, especially when there are children involved. Call us on 0161 738 1041 to begin your mediation process.